Custom aluminum foil bag and nylon bag which good

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Custom aluminum foil pouch whether food packaging, industrial packaging industries are used, using custom packaging goods continue to increase.

custom pouch into the aluminum foil bag and nylon bag, two kinds of according to different performance good to rational use in the daily production. Bags

from the raw material, aluminum foil bag to join aluminum foil layer in the composite layer, on the separation performance get rising greatly, the aluminum foil material avoid light performance is good, high temperature resistance, as the high temperature cooking bags; Nylon bag is made of pa/PE, nylon, nylon composite extrusion process demand for some transparent packaging, choose this kind of custom bags. Food packaging bags, tea bags

distinguish costs, the same size package, custom aluminum foil bag costs generally more expensive than custom nylon bag to be partial to some, price difference is mainly produced by the unit price of raw materials; At the same time, choosing custom packaging, suitable for product direction, does not necessarily partial expensive custom bag for. Composite bags, plastic bags
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