As we all know, coffee is very competitive, so choosing the right coffee packaging partner is a critical component of your marketing and sales strategy. A well printed coffee bags and pouches can help businesses distinguish their products and brand themselves successfully. All our packaging pouches are suitable for packaging of ground coffee, whole bean, roasted coffee beans or green, our customer coffee packaging will help you stand out on the shelf.


We provide the Custom printed coffee bags with special one-way valve keep the coffee flavor and to prevent outside air from entering the bag, fresh with various kinds of type for customers’need : normal zipper, tag zipper, velcro and tin tie, etc.


Our premium coffee bags are extremely durable, lightweight, puncture proof and provide superior protection against moisture, humidity, heat and sunlight. HUIHUA’s high-quality flexible coffee packaging creates the perfect micro-environment for coffee to stay fresher longer by allowing natural gasses to escape through technologically advanced degassing valves and allows you to deliver the freshest and best tasting coffee to your customers possible.

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