Child resistant (CR Packaging) pouches are also called child proof pouches or special packaging, which are designed or constructed to reduce the risk of children under 5 years of age opening a package successfully and to keep children from ingesting the dangerous contents such as medicines, tobacco products and cannabis etc.


So what makes the child resistant pouches " reduce the risk of children " for children to open successfully? Most child resistant pouches use two distinct motions to open, such as "push and turn." This may make the pouches difficult to open, but alone it is not enough. The packaging must be compatible with the substance it is holding so that the function of the packaging is not compromised. And the pouch must also be tested with a group of children and a group of adults according to strict protocol.


HUIHUA’s child resistant pouches come in two special type of zippers formats from sliding tab zippers to press to close zippers. All styles require two-handed dexterity to open the package. Adults have no problem opening and accessing the contents, but it is extremely difficult for children to do so. These bags are great for all sorts of products, from cleaning “pods” that resemble hard candy to pharmaceutical products.

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