Brown paper bag printing need to pay attention to? Collect food packaging manufacturers

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Brown paper bag because of its environmental protection and unique wind restoring ancient ways, often are used for various occasions, it by itself, a brown paper bag merchants also hope to be able to use brown paper bag to increase the brand awareness of the product. But also there are some problems when brown paper bag printing, hui hua packing today to explain to you about printing a brown paper bag need to pay attention to? 1, paper, the selection of brown paper bag printing, when choosing paper, try to choose the surface is smooth, good smoothness. Like domestic unbleached kraft paper, refined kraft paper, nine dragons paper, K series more than kraft paper, kraft paper imported Russian blah, g relative to other such as kraft paper, smooth surface roughness is better. Also according to the requirements of the customers printing color, what color printing, printing a few color to judge the quality of the kraft paper. 2, the adjustment of the printing color kraft paper, usually a dark brown color, printing color and bleached paper printing effect is very large, had better choose all the colors bright, eye-catching color effect. Now some manufacturers also use UV ink, ink reference chromatography and in different paper printing effect. Finally determine the color printing. 3 adjustment of kraft paper, thick printing, printing system, regulate the amount of suction good suction nozzle size before the double control, deflection control, at the same time go before control electrical devices such as appropriate, to prevent more than kraft paper rolling machine. In addition, the paper suction nozzle and paper suction nozzle to the diameter and thickness are larger rubber aprons. With brown paper bag printing plate cylinder and rubber drum of center distance constant, only adjust the embossing drum and rubber drum of center distance. In 250 g/m2 ~ 450 g/m2 of kraft paper when the center distance can be widened 0. 2毫米~ 0。 4mm。 Kraft paper surface rough, poor smoothness, the close degree is much less than the glossy paper, offset paper, because of this, even when printing paper printing pressure increased accordingly. 4, design processing after printing design cannot ignore the appearance of a brown paper pouch design, this is a brown paper bag products can attract the attention of an important condition, beautiful appearance will become people choose products are the key factors of a brown paper bag, so, some creative in the design of brown paper bag products will be more popular with people like and. Brown paper bag design, emphasis on product design style, a brown paper pouch diversification of brown paper bag products will become more popular, especially some modelling made products tend to a brown paper bag but also the object of consumers by the clock.
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