at expo pack 2019, cheer pack north america will demonstrate integrated spouted flexible pouch technology, including its line of shaped pouches called cheershapes

by:Huihua     2020-03-11
North American cheerleaders (CPNA)
The sales team will join hundreds of other exhibitors in the Expo 2019 package during the week of June 10, which will showcase the company\'s spewing flexible bag technology, including its exciting linear bag called cheerleaders.
CPNA is one of the few companies in North America to produce spray-action flexible bags of all shapes, including our new inverted bracket
Offers a unique industry innovation: an inverted stand
Bags that can be provided in a variety of film structures, with or without a top corner brace and various shapes.
* Spray out shape similar to the company\'s existing non-flexible bag
Pouch packaging provides a unique solution to strengthen product brand strategy.
The shape can also be used to indicate what the product is, such as Apple-
A flexible bag containing apple juice or apple sauce.
Another example is to create an animal-shaped bag for brand owners who use the animal in brand communications.
By leveraging the company\'s research and development lab cheer pack innovation center within its North American headquarters, customers can work directly with the CPNA team to quickly develop and test multiple options for bags with flexible shapes.
The CPNA team will showcase the company\'s range of innovative packaging solutions, including cheerleaders, at the 3248 Expo PACK 2019 booth in Guadalajara, Mexico, from June 11-13.
The Expo packaging conference will host more than 16,000 packaging and processing professionals from a wide range of industries such as food and beverage, personal care, chemistry, automotive, pharmaceutical and textile manufacturers.
\"The cheer pack team is looking forward to seeing current customers at our booth during expo pack 2019 and meeting new customers, there we will show Al Madonna, marketing director of CPNA, our innovative soft bag packaging solution, said.
\"Due to the needs of our customers, we are constantly developing bags of various shapes at the cheer pack innovation center, which is our proprietary R & D incubator for increasing speed. to-
The market of flexible packaging concept of customer innovation.
\"* Bags of shape can only be made using a pre-made spray bag process.
Learn more about cheerleadingA.
Sustainable flexible packaging solutions including cheerleaders, please visit or call 1-888-593-2214.
About Cheer Pack North America Pack er Pack North America is the leading manufacturer of spouted bag packaging in North America, providing convenience and functionality for our customers.
The company is a fully integrated manufacturer of injection parts, flexible bags and bag filling equipment. We offer pre-
Manufactured separately with a spray bag or individual components, ultimately offering innovative, flexible, portable, and powerful systems designed to meet the industry\'s most stringent safety standards.
Our prefabricated bags are sealed
In, easy to flow spout and re-
Can be closed, tampered
Clear hat with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from.
Cheer Pack bags, caps, accessories and fillers are ideal for all types of liquid and sticky and non-liquid foods
Food products in a range of processes including hot filling, distillation, cold/ambient filling and high filling
Pressure treatment.
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