Aluminum foil bag sealing membrane of the meaning of food packaging

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Packaging ( 包装) For protection products in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, according to certain technical method used in the container, materials and AIDS the overall name; Also means to achieve the above purpose in using container, material and auxiliary material in the process of applying a certain technical methods such as operating activities. Marketing type packaging focus on planning strategy, become the general packaging. Can also be someone or something better or try my best to help him in some way perfect. China national standard GB/T4122. 1 - 1996, packing is defined as: for in the process of circulation protection products, convenient handling, and promote sales, according to certain technical methods and use of containers, the overall name of material and auxiliary material, etc. Also refers to in order to achieve the above purpose and use container, materials and AIDS in the process of adding some technical methods such as operating activities. Other countries or organizations have different expressions and understanding the meaning of the packaging, but the basic meaning is the same, all packaging function and function as its core content, generally has two meanings: (1) about goods containers, materials and auxiliary items, namely packaging; (2) about the implementation of costumes and sealed, bandaging, and other technical activities.

the sealing membrane ( parafilim) Is a kind of composite material, has the seal performance, anti-counterfeit effect, prevent the product content volatilization, pollution, no smell of precipitation. Our products are widely used: cosmetics packaging sealing membrane, commodity packaging sealing membrane, food packaging sealing film, pharmaceutical packaging sealing film and chemical industry packing sealing membrane, etc. Sealing membrane main characteristic is the sealing effect is good, have the anti-counterfeiting effect, prevent the product content volatilization, and pollution, precipitation sealing performance may be no smell. In addition also has the anti-fake and anti-theft, also can be in the sealing film printing company advertisement publicity effect on

packages including aluminum foil bags and other packaging products have become common in life, today we are going to mention the other kinds of packaging products, also is a kind of packaging equipment at present all over the world, it is the most common sealing membrane on the market at present.

what is the sealing film, I believe you drank tea with milk, yogurt to eat instant noodles, pickles all know that the surface has a layer of film need to remove the food to eat, this layer of protective film is known as the sealing membrane. It also belongs to the aluminum foil pouch, like many bags sealing membrane can be translucent, transparent plastic or aluminum foil packaging material, material is now widely used a lot of packaging industry.

the sealing membrane can be tightly wrapped in the surface, no leakage, its anti permeability good, moistureproof prevent wet also have isolation performance, have enough quality to isolate oxygen, etc. The air break in the product.

the sealing membrane, as well as gas pouch packaging in today's market place, especially in plastic soft packing made some achievements, it is small and exquisite occupied area is small, it is easy to be taken a fancy to by a merchant. Custom bags, tea bags
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