A common problem analysis without solvent

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
A, BOPP/CPP peel strength and low BOPP/CPP without solvent composition, can appear sometimes the phenomenon of peel strength and low. The national standard requirements stripping force should be 0. 6 n / 15 mm, for this kind of structure, a good case can reach 1. 0 n / 15 mm or more, and sometimes it is as low as zero. 3 to 0. 4 n / 15 mm, at the same time can simply observed ink transfer completely, but in the process of heat sealing pouch found no delaminating and so on. For this kind of phenomenon is a common situation is that BOPP film occurred in the process of stripping its interlayer. Common for the multilayer structure of BOPP film, when the glue BOPP CPP and bonding strength is greater than the BOPP film its bond strength between the different layers, the film is in the weaker place apart, at this time of peel strength is not glue bonding strength, but the BOPP peel strength between the layers. This phenomenon can be dyed by membrane to peel away. There is a glue stain can be dyed in polyurethane material and show red, for the film, nylon khaki, other membrane is not color. This stain is often used to determine where glue stay on the side of the base material. For BOPP/CPP composite film, in the absence of the BOPP tensile membrane stripping, use dyeing agent under certain conditions, the results for both sides without color. This kind of circumstance suggests, stripping away the place is not glue interface, nor the ink ( Polyurethane system) After the transfer of interface, because the glue and polyurethane ink shall be red after dyeing. The situation of BOPP interlaminar stripping happened, this is achieved by further experiments. Will just dyeing membrane, sand in the CPP side gently back and forth friction again after dyeing, that can be observed is the place where sand show the red. This is because the sand paper will wear off after a layer of OPP membrane, revealing the polyurethane ink staining showed red thereby. In addition, for this structure, test the Angle of the stripping force values of the test also has a great influence, usually in the free Angle test, BOPP is easy to break, can only read the peak, can be up to 2. 0 n / 15 mm or more, even up to 4. 0 n / 15 mm above, this is actually the fracture strength of BOPP. Under the T test Angle, BOPP sometimes break, sometimes after a period of steady numerical fracture to occur again. Relative to the first two way, more likely to get a steady reading 180 ° peel, BOPP easier to completely interlaminar stripping, however, the data measured in this case is on the low side, is the peel strength between the layers. Base material quality to a great extent, determines the final stripping test results of the structure, the process of stripping an interface to separate from the weakest, if under the condition of invariable base material, it is difficult to adjust the glue or ink and improved, such as whether dry compound or solvent-free composite, the same BOPP/CPP composite can obtain similar results. The coefficient of friction (after two, PE composite membrane COF) Sometimes meet PE in high solvent-free composite membrane complex phenomenon of the friction coefficient increased. For this phenomenon are some methods for improving: avoid high temperature curing. PE film smooth agent is added into small molecular substances, can the migration in the PE film, will be absorbed by polyether type of solvent-free adhesive, and the higher the temperature, the easier the migration which is absorbed more, smooth agent at the same time will slowly in the heat from the PE film surface migrated to film, two things at the same time under the action of surface smooth agent increased greatly reduced and make the COF package. This is what the summer high temperature climate are more likely to happen this kind of phenomenon the reason. When the temperature drop down, smooth agent will slowly move back to the membrane surface, but the reverse process can be very time-consuming. Therefore curing under high temperature and high COF package composite sample, placed under the low temperature, COF package will gradually improve, but this may take a long time. According to the type of solvent-free, common low temperature curing can choose at room temperature ( The best 20 ℃ above) , but no more than 35 ℃. In guarantee under the premise of strength, heat sealing and appearance, decrease the amount of glue. For can absorb a smooth agent polyether type of solvent-free glue, glue, the greater the amount of absorbed the more smooth agent, control the amount of glue, can reduce the absorption, improve COF package. Advised to avoid the peel strength test carefully, before the adjustment, heat sealing or appearance, etc. Avoid winding tension is too large. The role of the winding tension can be regarded as a push for smooth agent migration, the greater the tension, smooth agent by pushing more, the migration will happen. Sometimes the core winding will happen the phenomenon of friction coefficient is relatively higher volume table, is the core winding by extrusion, smooth agent under tension the result of the great migration. For this kind of phenomenon, winding tension control at the same time, also can be adjusted to the taper. Adjust the PE film formula. Can be appropriately increase the amount of smooth agent in the PE film, and a part of the supplement is absorbed by the glue. This method need to be careful adjustment and trial and error, smooth dose not too much, otherwise it will cause bad effects to the peel strength. Use small glue influence on friction coefficient. Now common solventless adhesives on the surface of most of the pure polyether type or polyether type blending glue content is higher, so the phenomenon of COF package on the high side is common. If choose high content of polyester glue, can reduce the absorption of smooth agent to reduce the impact on the COF package. Boss glue Herberts 2 k - LF520 / H107 this glue, under the same condition, the PE film of the influence of friction coefficient is lower than many common solvent-free glue, while maintaining the peel strength. In addition, by the glue compound containing the structure of the PE film, in the subsequent processing can withstand film of high temperature treatment and keep the COF package in a stable level. More flexible packaging production technology, more food packaging bags, packaging manufacturers, in hui hua food packaging http://www. p10000。 cn
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