100% recycled flexible packaging will become a reality?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
According to the flexible packaging association ( FPA) Said, as the second largest us packaging, flexible packaging solution accounted for 18% of the $145 billion worth of U. S. packaging field. Light soft package including film and laminated material, they are beneficial to higher product transportation capacity, reduce the raw materials required for the production. For each brand, to save energy costs, reduce the material cost is a revolutionary movement. In the manufacturing end of the production/consumption cycle, flexible packaging is more rationality, because it hard plastic bottles have a negative impact to the environment than the corresponding smaller. In production, it needs less material, produces less CO2, in transit in landfills take up less space. According to the FPA, flexible vertical pouch packing of the products than metal cap glass bottle 35 times higher, higher than aluminum tin 21 times. This makes more products with less packaging transportation become possible. The association's statistics also contains the fact that in the process of production, flexible packaging use 50% less energy than rigid bottle, use 60% less than rigid plastic bottles. Sustainable packaging and flexible packaging industry is a big argument, fully responsible for the environment is still to be developed. For all consumers, recycled plastic is the answer. 完整的
回收。 Com, points out that recycled plastic use less energy than the production of new plastic containers or bottles 80%. But recycling is the only answer to the environmental protection consciousness? It is suitable for the flexible packaging? Today's flexible packaging recycling for the moment, is not in place, deal with flexible packaging recycling officially closed loop system, especially for multi-layer high barrier property material, Mosaic polyethylene ( PE) Layer of aluminum foil folding structure system. Single packing easier to recycle, because it does not contain aluminum foil center layer. Recycling process of multi-layer flexible packaging PE for separation of each layer, more than the traditional plastic recycling schemes the steps needed to. Then need to analyze each layer, identify, and recycle, further to deal with plastic film, made from recycled resin. Because of the large flexible packaging for food packaging, food pollution became another obstacle to recovery. For most flexible packaging, due to food contamination throughout the current recycling system, can actually use again packing scale is small and small. Non-renewable polymer was burned into the anaerobic Chambers, emission monitoring energy for the production workshop. Forward-looking thinking group ( Such as flexible packaging association) Adopted a series of great efforts, it is very concerned about the sustainable packaging. FPA is with some manufacturers research on environmental safety of packing. Plastics manufacturers association (after sustainable plastic alliance, 从新加坡) As well as the flexible thin film recovery group ( FFRG) , also to try to promote and carry out the public education and publicity about plastic recycling. From the cradle to cradle design is Enval another innovation of this kind of organization. From the cradle to cradle design concept is to keep the reusable packaging products within the system without downgrade or become 100% of the waste. Enval can be fully recycled polymer laminate were found between the aluminum foil, a method of and keep it clean. At the same time, they can also produce gasoline and gas from the plastic parts, used to generate electricity and heat. This is achieved by microwave induced pyrolysis, and cannot be achieved by incineration, because have oxide generated in the process. Manufacturers are beginning to accept from the cradle to cradle design concept, began to use environmental protection material, such as the biodegradation, bio-based plastics, or biodegradable, technology, environmental protection and so on does not need to downgrade to lower material can be recycled. Flexible packaging plant-based materials used by means of agricultural industry economic growth. The needs of crop growth, but also will further promote the development of agriculture. Flexible packaging recycling may optimize currently, Enval completely recycled aluminum parts, plastic parts process and use the pyrolysis is the best solution for the current processing multilayer packaging waste, however, there is no full recovery and other plastic materials in plastic parts of the solution. Through pyrolysis, containing an inorganic material plastic forming of coking residue will contain 80% liquid carbon and 20% of its gas carbon ( Due to the lack of oxygen cavity indoor, so won't produce CO2 gas) 。 According to the liquid fuel/energy demand, the carbon can be transported to a different location. The ash can be used as cement mixture, etc. And carbon can be used as a fuel, the company will often mixed input waste pyrolysis chamber, generate may not be best availability of fuel. To convert the liquid carbon fuel into durable, high integrity, the effective way of energy also need to study continuously. Find more effective for soft packaging waste treatment process ( Especially in the pyrolysis) , less impact on the environment, is a challenging task, it is possible. As the flexible packaging industry has made various innovation, such as using the biological base material or? 吗? Pyrolysis process of converting waste to energy, further development has been the cornerstone of based in place.
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